Kalashnikov 14 Best Mag Fed Shotguns in 2019


USA GUN SHOP made their review of the Best Mag Fed Shotguns for 2019. The ranked our Komrad…. 1st!!! (REMEMBER, THE KOMRAD IS NOT CLASSIFIED AS A SHOTGUN, IT IS CLASSIFIED AS A 12GA FIREARM):

Kalashnikov USA almost took the top spot with the full length tactical shotgun. But this thing, this is just ridiculous. It’s an AK shotgun pistol with a 12.5 inch barrel, and it’s pretty much the best tactical shotgun for sale right now.

There, we said it. Bring your Benelli M4, your John Wick special, whatever you want. This, right here, is probably the closest you can buy to an assault shotgun. It’s a great Close Quarters Combat weapon, you can mix up mags with buckshot and slugs and it’s about as potent a weapon as you can reasonably have by the side of your bed.

This is a semi-auto shotgun with sawn-off shotgun manoeuvrability, AK-47 simplicity and insane capacity, Like the longer AK-47 rifle style shotgun, this shorter pistol uses any and all Saiga shotgun magazines, which include the 50-round drum mags.

So you can turn the Kalashnikov Komrad shotgun for sale into an absolute weapon of war. There are rails for all your tactical gear, a solid SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace that you normally see on an AR pistol and that pistol grip up front are just special for a gun in this class.

There’s a removeable vertical forward grip that you know is cooler than it should be, but could also cause complications in certain states. A tri-rail forend grip includes two side rail optics mounts and your standard Saiga accessories will fit pretty much everywhere.

Upgrade to the 10-round shotgun magazines for sale from Kalashnikov USA and you have got real options with this gun. The short barrel turns serious buckshot into pure evil at close quarters, while slugs will be effective at anything like personal defense distances.

You will lose some of the top end range that you’ll get with the 18.5 inch barrel version. That’s inevitable, but you get an awful lot in return. This is a pretty unique weapon, it’s easily the best tactical shotgun on this list and it might usurp your AR pistol’s place in the home defense firearms collection.

This is the next generation shotgun, high technology in gunporn form. There really isn’t a more complete defensive shotgun out there right now. Get one…

Article Link: https://www.usa-gun-shop.com/best-magazine-shotgun-mossberg-saiga-remington/


USA GUN SHOP ranked our KS-12T Fourth:

Kalashnikov is back with a 10-round 12 gauge shotgun that could quite literally blow you away.

We were toying with the idea of elevating this gun to number one, until the Kalashnikov Komrad hit the market and took the crown by force. The pump action shotguns are clearly simpler and cheaper, but this semi-automatic shotgun is a work of art and if money is no object then this is technically the best shotgun here.

Kalashnikov was hit with a US import ban for a while, but Kalashnikov USA has solved that thorny issue with US-built firearms and you can now get an official Kalashnikov shotgun that looks like an AK-47 to the untrained eye. I mean why wouldn’t you want that?

The 10+1 magazine is just the cherry on the cake as far as we are concerned. If you’re looking for a mag-fed shotgun and you like a modern take on military history then this is about as good as guns get. You don’t need a sales pitch, this is really one of those ‘Shut up and take my money’ moments.

The modern collapsible polymer stock and handguard give this fresh look at the AK-47 the edge in my humble opinion. This is a great looking shotgun that comes with enough rails to hang all your tactical gear off this assault shotgun and the pistol grip is perfectly situated.

It’s a rifle layout, whereas others have the folding stock, but don’t think you’ll be restricted to proprietary Kalashnikov parts. All the Saiga mags, drums, muzzle devices and more will slot straight on to this firearm and turn it into a semi-automatic weapon of war.