AK Extended Charging Handle

AK Extended Charging Handle
AK Extended Charging Handle on Komrad Firearm
AK Extended Charging Handle

The AK Extended Charging Handle (AKECH) is now available on our web store. There are several reasons why you may consider adding an extended handle to your Kalashnikov USA firearm.

An Extended AK Charging Handle In General

Extended charging handles are meant to augment user control of the rifle. Rifles become warm and even hot to the touch after a few consecutive magazines. Because of this many users now regularly wear gloves when training or shooting for extended periods of time. Shooting at night or under stressful situations can also affect reaction times and motor skills. A larger charging handle creates a larger surface to grab when reloading and less chance of slipping or fumbling during the movement.

AK Extended Charging Handle For Elements

Other shooters may wear gloves for cold weather or to protect their hands from other elements while in the field. Using gloves adds an extra challenge for shooter dexterity and an extended charging handle gives the shooter more material to grab in a gloved hand.

The Kalashnikov USA Extended Charging Handle

This extended piece fits right over the original charging handle of the AK. This makes charging your AK platform more accessible and provides an ease of use. It’s compatible with our Kalashnikov USA KS-12 Series shotguns (KS-12, KS-12T) and the Komrad™. It also fits most AK, AKM, AK-47, and AK-74 style platforms. Click here for more info.