CMC Triggers Offers Great Install Video for the KUSA AK 2.0 Trigger

Closeup of AK 2.0 Elite Trigger installation.

The trigger gurus at CMC Triggers have put together an excellent video that we’ve posted to KUSA’s You Tube Channel. CMC’s Charles West takes you through the process that takes about 7 minutes from start to finish.  Following the install, Charles identifies a list of possible stumbling blocks that you might encounter depending on your specific AK variant.  The KUSA AK 2.0 Trigger was designed around our KR-103 rifle which follows the original Russian specifications and is built by skilled American workers using a precise manufacturing process.  However, dimensional differences and fitment problems can arise when installing the KUSA AK 2.0 Trigger in AKs built elsewhere.  CMC’s new video identifies the most common issues, the majority of which can be resolved by following the tips that are offered.  

The KUSA AK 2.0 trigger is a modular chassis design, but it is not a drop-in fit given the configuration of the AK trigger.  Minor fitting may be required—  even in our rifles.  However, the new video helps you pinpoint and fix any trouble spots.

Take a look at the video and familiarize yourself with the installation process before swapping out your old trigger.  It will demystify the process and lead to a quick install the first time around.

Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact customer support at CMC Triggers at (817) 563-6611  or email them at [email protected]   Remember also that CMC Triggers has an excellent warranty for repairs or returns should you be unsatisfied.  The details can be found here:  CMC WARRANTY – CMC Triggers