From Fixed to Folding: Options for Owners of the KR-103 Fixed Stock

From Fixed to Folding: Options for Owners of the KR-103 Fixed Stock

From Fixed to Folding: Options for Owners of the KR-103 Fixed Stock

Our KR-103 fixed stock rifle has been a huge seller. It is lightweight, reliable and fires the traditional 7.62x39mm cartridge that the AK rifle was originally designed for. With its 16.3” barrel and standard 122 to 124 grain ammunition, the gun produces muzzle velocities in the neighborhood of 2,350 feet per second and muzzle energy of approximately 1,500 foot-pounds of force.   When used with soft point bullets, it is perfectly suitable for whitetail deer up to about 150 yards. The recoil is manageable, but you’re also reminded that you’re firing a cartridge with some “oomph” to it.

For hunting, defense of ranch or home, or simply fun at the range, the fixed stock KR-103 provides a very stable platform and its overall length of just under 37 inches is not unwieldy. Shooters with longer arms can easily swap the fixed stock for an aftermarket model with a longer length-of-pull to make the gun fit them better. Swapping fixed stocks is relatively simple but may require some minor fitting. Make sure the replacement stock is for stamped— not milled—receivers, as the KR-103 utilizes a stamped receiver.

Folding stocks, such as those found on our new KR-103 Side-Folder, are popular with those who require a more compact firearm. They were originally designed for paratroopers or soldiers that carried firearms in the close confines of an aircraft or vehicle. Civilian shooters looking for a compact, shorter overall-length firearm favor them for essentially the same reason.

There are several options available for those wanting to convert their KR-103 into a side folder:

  •  Kalashnikov USA offers a polymer side-folding tube, compatible with most M-4 style buttstocks, that folds to the left and doesn’t interfere with any scope mount attached to the receiver.  The tube design permits extending the length of a collapsible M-4 style buttstock. We also offer this side-folding mechanism, as a package, with two different M-4 style buttstocks that can be found on our AK products page.
  • Other side-folding options can be found from various vendors online. Some are based on the M-4 collapsible stock while others are metal or polymer triangle stocks or a different design. The Magpul Zhukov-S side folder works well on our standard KR-103 and it can be found on the personal rifles of many KUSA employees and on some of our custom builds. The Magpul Zhukov-S has the added benefit of folding to the right, making it easier to deploy by a right-handed shooter when the rifle is slung in a patrol configuration. The gun can also be charged and fired while folded, provided there are no cheek risers attached.
  • The final option is to convert your standard KR-103 using side-folding mechanisms or stocks as used in our KR-9 or KR-103 side folders. However, KUSA does not offer this service at the present time and we do not sell these parts separately.  This conversion involves significant modifications to your gun’s receiver and such work is best done by a professional gunsmith. Given the other side-folding options that are available, we do not recommend this approach and such modifications will void the warranty on your fixed stock KR-103.

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