The difference between Kalashnikov AK47 and KR103

The difference between Kalashnikov AK47 and KR103

Automatic Kalashnikov 47, popularly known as ‘AK47’, made quite a splash with the police force and armies worldwide. The Russian military named this gun one of the best weapons to use in combat. Undoubtedly, one of our best assault rifles on the field.

For providing the most advanced weapons to armies and our customers worldwide, we keep improvising our technology through all the generations of AKs. From 1949 till today, we have introduced three generations of AKs, and the AK-47 from our first series is a widely used and most popular gun worldwide.

After decades of research, technological advancement, development, and testing, we have brought the 4th generation, the AK100 series. Today, through this blog, we will talk about our new invention and the most famous amongst the AK100 series, the KR103. How is it different and better than the most popular gun from our first generation of AKs?

Let us go into more detail about the first generation AK-47 and the fourth generation KR103.

  • The Muzzle Device. The muzzle brake is attached to the barrel’s end to compensate the recoil and reduce barrel rise for a more accurate shot.
  • The classic AK47 did not have any type of muzzle device until 1965, and after 1965, the AKs used a standard and primitive slant brake for a very long time.
  • Our latest American innovation KR103 uses a hybrid muzzle device. It is a muzzle brake compensator as well as a flash suppressor. It reduces the recoil and muzzle climb while also minimizing the flash. Most of the time, a sharpshooter cannot see any muzzle time at all, but this hybrid muzzle brake helps you to tame the recoil to a level of 556. It allows you to retain the power and penetrating capabilities of a 7.62×39 cartridge. KR103 has the perfect precision and target accuracy owing to its hybrid muzzle device.
  • The Barrel. The barrel is the long metal tube attached to the receiver through which the projectile goes after firing.
  • The AK47 and AKM rifles used the button rifling, one of the most popular and traditional way to manufacture barrels and make the rifling inside the barrel. Button rifling creates grooves inside the bore’s cold surface with a bullet-shaped button made of tungsten carbide. This method of rifling creates a lot of stress in a barrel.
  • On the other hand, KR103 uses the most advanced ‘cold hammer forging.’ Currently, this method of rifling is an industry-standard across all over Europe and the US. Cold hammer forging ensures excellent dimensional accuracy and surface quality. It is one of our most productive methods of rifling as it takes the accurate precision measurements of the barrel. Cold hammer forging gives a better grain structure of the metal that makes the barrel more durable, rigid, and robust. This method not only shapes the barrel but also strengthens it.

The barrel quality of KR103 is excellent. This was proved by multiple tests we conducted. One such test was where we continuously fired 1400 rounds. It’s relatively more than the no. of rounds a machine gun can take. During the whole session of 1400 rounds, never did the barrel of the KR103 gave up once.

  • Another ‘feather in the cap’ of KR103 is the chrome lining of its barrel. It ensures that the barrel never rusts even if the gun is not cleaned or maintained as per the user’s manual.
  • The Polymer Hand Guard. The handguard is the lower cover on the barrel that the user holds to get a front grip on the weapon. Its role is to provide a better grip on the gun and protect the user’s hand from getting burned by the heat in the barrel produced during firing.
  • The AK-47 uses a wooden handguard that, in some cases, cannot control the amount of heat produced in the barrel during continuous firing and gets heated and cracks. It could also shrink when submerged in water.
  • The handguard of the KR103 is made of glass-filled polymer. It is lighter, more durable, and reliable. This sturdy and powerful handguard
  • Doesn’t crack,
  • Doesn’t catch fire during heavy rounds of shooting,
  • Doesn’t shrink after being submerged in water, including saltwater.

It comes with a special heat shield to ensure that you do not burn your hands while using the AK in the automatic mode.

  • Another attention-grabbing feature of the KR103 is that it also comes with the other version of the polymer handguard (as per the user’s need). This handguard comes with a Picatinny, each on the right and the bottom side. The Picatinny allows you to mount additional accessories like flashlights, bipods, additional grips, and lasers.

The precision, accuracy, speed, design, and the performance of our guns in combat have made us one of the most preferred brands for weapons. Your love for Kalashnikov guns motivates us to keep improvising and innovating the cutting-edge technology.

The combination of Russian Heritage and American innovation has helped us introduce the most advanced, reliable, and durable KR103. We are not yet over with its features and advantages over the traditional AK47. Look out for our next blog to know about the remaining attributes and the advancement of the AK series.