KR-103 vs AK-47. Why is the new KR103 better than the traditional AK-47?

KR-103 vs AK-47. Why is the new KR103 better than the traditional AK-47?

Kalashnikov KR103 is a modern and evolved version of the traditional AK47. The KR103 is an AK-style assault rifle and is the equivalent of the AK103, both from our fourth generation of AKs. KR103 is the most authentic, durable, reliable, and sturdy weapon. It is designed with the most advanced technology after years of development, testing, and trials. This rifle is made in the US with the amalgamation of Russian heritage and American innovation.

In this blog, we are moving forward with our discussion about the features and advantages of KR103 over the traditional AK-47. For our prior discussion on their differences, check out our last blog post.

Let us dive further into the attributes and advancement of KR103 from AK-47.

  • Polymer Magazine. A magazine is a device that stores and loads the bullets into the barrel chamber. A magazine might be external or fixed. Guns with detachable magazines are great as they can also accept larger capacity magazines.
  • The classic AK-47 uses a metal magazine. In warmer climate areas, the metal magazines often get so hot that you cannot even hold them. The metal magazines could also get an invisible dent that would stop the follower and make the magazine malfunction.
  • The enhanced and the powerful KR103 comes with a polymer magazine that does not get any dent or crack even if mishandled (warning- mishandling can be quite fatal if the weapon is loaded). It is lighter, more reliable, and durable. The polymer magazine does not heat up very much. The KR103 is also compatible with the earlier generation of magazines, including the metal magazine of the AK47. If you own an AK-47, you can easily use its magazine with KR103 without any problems.
  • The finish of the weapon. Finishing is the upper texture and material of the gun. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the finishing of the weapon should be durable and long-lasting.
  • The old AK-47 was mostly blued that looked quite good, but it was not durable. It could not survive the harsh conditions like warmer climatic regions, deserts, or humid areas.
  • The improved and advanced KR103 has a modern finish that does not get rusty and is highly durable, long-lasting, and climate-resistant. Our versatile and pioneering technicians have tried and tested KR103 in every possible environment. The tests and trials made sure this gun wouldn’t get rust in a humid climate, in the sea, in the jungle, or the desert. This weapon has gone through an entire process to make sure its finish is as durable, dependable, and authentic as the weapon itself.
  • The Side rail. The side rails are the straight mounting brackets on both sides of the gun used to mount sights. It helps the sights to easily slide through the rail to adjust as per the user’s comfort. The side rails are one of the essential features of an assault rifle.
  • Most AK-47s and AKMs did not have any side rail to mount the optics.
  • On the other hand, the highly advanced and improvised KR103 comes with a side rail. To mount an optic on the side rail, you need a side mount, which you can easily get through our website. With a side mount, you can have a red dot sight, reflex optic, or an optical scope. You also have the option to get night vision or thermal imaging equipment.

The side rail is the most reliable way to mount optics. You can put the optics on, or you can take it off without re-zeroing the weapon.

  • The Buttstock. The stock is the last portion of the gun that provides a structure to the weapon. The buttstock rests on the shoulder to provide a supportive balance to the gun and better grip the shooter.
  • The traditional AK47 never had a folding stock. It always comes with a fixed wooden stock that could be uncomfortable to carry for some people. The wooden stock could also crack or break if dropped.
  • All the KR103 guns have a folding stock that folds to the left side of the weapon. It has a push-button, which helps to open the stock and retain the same position that people are used to. During transportation, you can fold the stock to make the weapon compact so that it takes less space and is easy to carry.
  • The stock of the KR103 is made of glass-filled polymer, just like the handguard. The glass-filled buttstock is more reliable and durable. After many drop tests, we can confidently say that it does not crack or break even when dropped on a concrete floor. One of the most important things to note here is that the KR103 is fully functional, even with a folded stock. You can operate the safety, charge it, or unload it, and the stock will not interfere with the normal functioning of the weapon.

As compared to the AK variants manufactured between 1949 to 1959, the KR103 is lighter, more reliable, dependable, authentic, and genuine. For its caliber, it’s a pretty lightweight weapon. It is one of the most accurate assault rifles made by Kalashnikov and works in almost every environment.

The KR103 is the most genuine and trustworthy weapon on the field. This gun will never disappoint or fail you in any circumstance. It uses Kalashnikov’s most advanced technology created here in the US.