KR103 – The US equivalent of the renowned AK-47

KR103 - The US equivalent of the renowned AK-47

Much renowned and successful AK-47 has its new successor in the US market, the KR-103. KR-103 is a robust, sturdy, and highly advanced firearm in comparison with the AK47. Years of extensive research, development, testing, and trials went into creating this beast of a platform. Russian reliability and American innovation come together with this durable and authentic weapon that is the true DNA of the Russian AK-103, brought to you by KUSA.

Let us understand why KR103 should be your choice instead of a traditional AK-47.

KR103 rifle, designed and produced since 1994, was used by military units around the world only after 2001. 100% American made by Kalashnikov USA, KR-103 is the enhanced USA brother of the original AK-103. KR-103 is from the first offering of AKs from Kalashnikov USA, the AK-100 series. The KR-103 accepts all the AK74 and AKM furniture and accessories. It has a caliber of 7.62mm and accepts the cartridge of 7.62x39mm. It feeds on standard 30 round magazines as well as other capacity 7.62×39 mags. The KR-103 platform has the ability to fire at a rate of 600 rounds per minute. It works on a gas-operated system with a rotating bolt and a muzzle velocity of 715 m/s.

Let us further get down to the advancement of KR-103 and understand why this high-precision assault rifle should be your obvious choice.

  • Muzzle Brake. The traditional AK-47 manufactured until 1947 was not equipped with any kind of muzzle brake. The AKs made after 1965 came with a standard and conventional slant brake for a long time.

On the other hand, the advanced KR-103 comes equipped with a hybrid muzzle device. This hybrid device works as a muzzle brake compensator and a flash suppressor. It controls the recoil and barrel climb and also suppresses the flash. This super-strong hybrid device tames the recoil to a level of 556 and completely leverages the power of a 7.62x39mm cartridge. This hybrid muzzle device makes the KR-103 a highly accurate and resilient rifle.

  • The Handguard. Like the pistol grip and the buttstock, the handguard of the KR-103 is made of glass-filled polymer. The robust technology makes this handguard durable and reliable that does not damage during continuous rounds of firing. The polymer handguard is lighter and protects your hands from getting burned, in conjunction with a heat shield, from heat produced during the automatic mode. The KR-103 can also be purchased with wooden furniture.


  • Barrel. The KR-103 is made with Two forms of rifling available – Button and Cold Hammer Forged. Cold hammer forging is one of the most productive methods of rifling offered. This method produces a compact grain structure in the steel to make the barrel durable, reliable, firm, and inflexible. It gives solid shape to the barrel while also strengthening it. The cold forging method of rifling gives exact dimensional accuracy and surface quality. The KR-103 has a chrome-lined barrel that protects the gun from rusting and wear and tear. Overall, the high-quality barrel of the KR-103 makes sure you perform with exceptional accuracy and speed.
  • Magazine. The traditional AK-47 comes with a metal magazine that tends to get hot in warmer climatic conditions, and it becomes quite difficult to hold it. If the metal magazines get a dent, it could also start to malfunction as the follower inside the mag stops.

The KR-103 has a polymer magazine that never gets a dent or malfunctions. The magazine of the KR-103 is light, durable, and highly reliable. It doesn’t heat up at all, owing to its polymer material. The rugged KR-103 also accepts the magazines of earlier series of AKs, including the AK-47.

  • Side rail. The earlier generations of AKs did not come with any type of side rail.

But, the KR-103 is equipped with side rails to mount the optics. Side rails are one of the most trusted and best method to mount the optics. You can get the side mount through our website to mount your optics. Mounting the optics on the side rail or taking it off does not require re-zeroing the gun.

  • Buttstock. Like the handguard and the magazine, the buttstock of the KR-103 is made with glass-filled polymer. It is the most durable and reliable buttstock as it does not break or crack in any circumstance. It folds to the left side of the weapon and comes back to its original position with the push of a button. The gun with the folded stock is easy to carry in compact places. Keep in mind the folded stock does not hamper the normal functioning of the gun. You can efficiently operate it even with a folded stock.


  • The finishing. The KR-103 is rust and scratch resistant due to its durable and long-lasting modern finish. This improvised version of the AK-47 is highly climate-resistant. It resists rust in a humid climate, in water, in the jungle, and even in desert areas. The KR-103 with its high-grade finish is a durable, trustworthy, and reliable rifle in the most difficult climatic conditions.
  • Additional accessory. The KR-103 can also be equipped with a GP34 under-barrel grenade launcher with a caliber of 40mm. The grenade has the capacity to engage targets up to 400 meters.

Kalashnikov has always been on top of producing the most reliable and robust weapons. Our guns perform exceptionally in every environment without any difficulties.

Kalashnikov USA is proud to continue  to produce KR-103 for our US and international customers. KR-103 is a dependable, durable, reliable, and trustworthy weapon in combat. The KR-103 continues the legacy of Kalashnikov. It has the precision, accuracy, and durability to match your expectations. There is nothing unnecessary about this rifle.

For those who loved our AK-47, the KR-103 will always keep you on edge with its consistent and reliable performance. The KR-103 rifle is a genuine and authentic All-American made platform from our AK-100 series.