Alternative to your favorite AK-103, the Kalashnikov KR-9 Rifle

Alternative to your favorite AK-103, the Kalashnikov KR-9 Rifle

If getting a Vityaz style submachine gun is on your bucket list, get ready to check it off as Kalashnikov USA introduces the most powerful and robust KR-9, based on the AK platform. KR-9 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured in the US. It works on a blowback operating system with a 9mm caliber. The KR-9 weighs around 6.58 lbs and has an overall length of 34.5”.

The KR-9 is based on the operating principle of the Vityaz SN submachine gun renowned for its use by the Russian armed forces and the police. This is a hard-hitting fatal weapon that easily overcomes your need for an AK. Made using the most advanced technology in the US with the reliability of Russian innovation, the KR-9 works in the beast mode if you are up for it.

Let us get into the details of this powerful weapon that continues the legacy of Kalashnikov AK 103 in the US.

  • The Barrel. Kalashnikov KR-9 has a 16.25” chrome-lined barrel that does not rust. The chrome-lined barrel improves the barrel life and allows you to take more rounds in less time without the need to replace the barrel. This long barrel increases the exit velocity of the barrel which in turn improves the effective range of the bullet.
  • Flash Suppressor. The Kalashnikov USA KR-9 is fitted with a ½”-28 threaded flash suppressor. The flash suppressor minimizes the flash to allow the shooter to shoot with perfect precision in low-light shooting areas. It also helps to reduce the flash intensity visible to the enemy.
  • Front Iron Sight. This robust weapon comes with a standard iron sight attached on the barrel tail. Injunction with the real leaf sight, the front iron sight allows perfect vision of the target. The weapons manufactured at Kalashnikov USA are reliable and trusted for their efficiency and accuracy. We believe in giving a lifetime experience to our valuable customers. In comparison with other traditional AKs, the Kalashnikov KR-9 has a perfectly centered front iron sight that allows you to take accurate shots.
  • The Picatinny Rail. The Kalashnikov KR-9 comes with two attached Picatinny rails. There’s a small Picatinny rail just below the front sight on the barrel while the other one is above the dust cover. The front Picatinny rail can be used to mount the front grip, the bipod, the tactical lights, and the bayonets and the longer one above the hinged top cover can be used to mount the optics, night vision devices, and more. You can easily find the optics and other accessories from our online store. The Picatinny rail above the dust cover also keeps the left side of the weapon free for folding stock.
  • The Polymer Magazine. The KR-9 comes with a polymer magazine that does not heat up very much. It has a 30 round magazine but also accepts the 10 round magazine. This polymer magazine is highly durable, reliable, and lighter. You can have the efficiency of firing 30 rounds continuously with this sturdy weapon. Created with utmost accuracy and precision, this weapon lets you have fun on the field.
  • The Folding Stock. The KR-9 has a Vityaz style triangle folding stock that folds to the left side of the weapon. This reliable and robust weapon compacts to a smaller size to provide you the ease of transportation. The push button that releases the stock from its locked position also acts as a spring. For the stock to stay in the folding position, there is a latch that you need to attach to the stock. Ease of use when detaching the stock from the latch. The stock also has a sling mount on the right side. The folding stock does not interfere with the normal functioning of the weapon. You can continue to use it without any difficulties even with the folded stock. This is a highly dependable, smooth to handle, and trustworthy weapon on the field.
  • The Handguard. The KR-9 has a polymer handguard that allows the user to fire rounds with great intensity since this handguard does not heat up that much. It does not burn your hands because of the high-grade polymer material. It does not crack, catch fire, or squeeze in water. This American made, highly advanced KR-9 is a weapon that can survive even the harshest weather conditions.
  • The AK Style Rifle. On the inside, the KR-9 is made with an AK style recoil spring and a massive bolt. The piston of the KR-9 is different and evolved than the traditional Ak. It’s a blowback system that does not create any carbon build-up at the end of the bolt. The KR-9 surprises you on the field as evident from the innumerable tests we conducted ourselves and through our testing partners.
  • The Grip. Kalashnikov USA KR-9 has a really smooth and slick grip, loved by almost everyone. It helps you to get a good grip on the weapon so that you take accurate shots.

The KR-9 is a US civilian configuration rifle minus the full auto mode. The KUSA manufactured KR-9 is a true clone of Vityaz technology that an AK is built on. The robust and sturdy material used to create this weapon makes this a quality platform.  This semi-automatic KR-9 is a great buy for any AK enthusiast who is looking for a well-performing PCC gun that can stand the test of time.