Looking for a pistol caliber carbine (PCC)? Take a hard look at KUSA’s KR/KP-9 Vityaz!

Closeup of man holding KR-9 with vortex red dot optic.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you have no doubt seen the enormous increase in popularity for pistol caliber carbines (PCCs) as well as the competitive matches that have grown alongside them. Lots of manufacturers now make 9mm (and other pistol caliber) carbines and Kalashnikov USA KR-9 rifle or KP-9 large frame pistols are not only very competitive but offer some unique advantages as well.

PCC sales have skyrocketed for good reasons. First, the diminutive guns are compact, easy to shoot and inevitably leave a smile on your face. They are a great way to introduce a new shooter to rifle shooting without the noise and concussion typically associated with full size rifle cartridges. The 9mm cartridge offers enough kinetic energy to ring steel targets without painful recoil, allowing long practice sessions to master marksmanship fundamentals. Second, pistol caliber carbines don’t require large shooting ranges. 9mm cartridges have a practical range of about 150 yards so just about any indoor or outdoor range suitable for a handgun works equally well for pistol caliber carbines. Finally, 9mm ammunition is usually available and considerable cheaper than rifle ammunition, a huge plus in today’s supply-constrained and inflationary economy. The same ammo used for your pistol can be used to feed your pistol caliber carbine, further simplifying your own personal supply chain.

Kalashnikov USA KR-9 and KP-9 semi-auto models, commonly referred to as the “Vityaz” (a knight in Slavic mythology), offer several features that make the gun an excellent choice for PCC competition. First, the firearm’s simple delayed blowback operation provides excellent reliability. A recent display of KUSA’s military version of the gun, firing in full auto, completed a 20,000 round torture test with flying colors. Even TFB’s skeptical James Reeves was impressed. Part of the reason for the gun’s reliability is the dual-column, dual-feed design of its curved 30-round magazine, borrowing heavily from the combat-proven magazine design of the post war PPS-43 submachine gun. In addition, feed ramps help chamber not only full metal jacketed bullets but hollow point or truncated bullets as well.

A few other features of the KR/KP-9 design set it apart from its competitors. A telescoping bolt design— not unlike that of the famous Uzi— adds additional mass and helps tame the already low recoil of the 9mm cartridge. KUSA has also refined the trigger, dispensing with the finicky “Shepherd’s Crook” spring and incorporating a smooth two-stage release. A proven Picatinny rail cover on the pivoting dust cover allows easy mounting of red dot sights typically used in USPSA PCC competitions. KUSA’s also provides a number of aftermarket accessories to enhance the functionality of the KP/KR-9 firearms for competition, personal defense or just plain fun.

Take a good look at the KP/KR-9 9mm firearms offered by KUSA. They make a great addition to any gun collection and will likely become a perennial favorite whenever you head out to the range!