kalashnikov usa team members and christian mendoza during kusa experience

Kalashnikov USA team, from left, VP of Operations, Ybrim Tomasini, Christian Mendoza, Communications Manager, Caroline Davila, and Senior Graphic Designer, Kevin Mullings.

Pompano Beach, Florida – Kalashnikov USA (KUSA), the premier manufacturer of AK-pattern firearms in the United States, hosted a KUSA fan Christian Mendoza for a visit to the company’s factory on Friday, February 25th. In addition to touring the facility and meeting with KUSA employees, Christian got to build and finish his own KR-103 rifle under the tutelage of KUSA’s skilled employees. Christian also enjoyed test-firing various AK firearms including full-auto military versions of the company’s popular civilian firearms.

“Visiting KUSA was an amazing experience,” said Christian Mendoza. “The company takes great care in building their guns and they have truly perfected the production process. The AK builders know exactly what they’re doing and take great pride in the firearms they put out” he added. “Two other things blew my mind: their new KR-101 in 5.56mm is a dream to shoot and has little recoil. I also enjoyed building— with a little help– my own 7.62mm KR-103 and gave it a custom FDE and Black two-tone finish. How cool is that?” he concluded.

Starting Friday, March 25st, look for the first of several fascinating videos following Christian’s “Kalashnikov Experience” and his custom KR-103 rifle build. The videos will be available on all of our social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others.  Every Friday thereafter, we’ll post additional videos following Christian as he continues along the production line, talks with KUSA employees shoot various AK firearms (including full auto), and builds his own, unique two-toned KR-103. Follow us and get an in-depth look at American workers building superb AK pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

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KUSA’s Communication Manager, Caroline Davila thanked Christian for visiting and said more such visits are forthcoming with other knowledgeable AK enthusiasts that get our attention. “Follow us on social media and you too could get lucky,” she said.