Kalashnikov USA KP-9 Pistol

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable 9mm pistol caliber carbine for PCC competition, home defense, or informal target shooting, look no further than Kalashnikov USA’s KP-9 civilian legal version of the famed Russian Vityaz submachine gun.  It is available in pistol, 16” carbine, or SBR configurations.   Here are the top ten reasons that one belongs in your stable of firearms:

  1. The KP-9 from Kalashnikov USA fires a pistol cartridge, the 9x19mm, and from a 9.25″ long barrel making for a very pleasant and easy to control platform. 9mm ammunition is commonly available and usually cheaper than rifle ammunition.
  2. As it fires a pistol cartridge, the KP-9 dispenses with the gas operation and uses a simple blowback mechanism. The bolt incorporates an out-of-battery safety mechanism so that the weapon cannot fire until the bolt is fully closed.
  3. The KP-9 has feed ramps that are specially designed to reliably chamber jacketed hollow point bullets.
  4. Every KP-9 is tested with ultra-high pressure-proof rounds ensuring that the weapon can safely handle almost any 9mm commercial ammunition available to US shooters. Although, with no standard for +p+ ammunition it is not recommended for use.
  5. The KP-9 feeds from an incredibly reliable double-column, double-feed magazine patterned after that of the successful post-WWII PPS-43 submachine gun.
  6. The KP-9’s muzzle features 1/2 inch x 28 suppressor-ready muzzle threads (and a shoulder) making it compatible with most US muzzle devices and suppressors.
  7. The KP-9 pistol version can accommodate a pistol brace or, after submission of Form 1 (and $200 tax) to ATF, converted into a short-barreled rifle (SBR). The brace and stock both fold to the left allowing the weapon to be fired in the folded position as the ejection port is not covered.  In addition, the overall length with the brace or stock folded is 18.25″— shorter than the collapsed length of an MP-5.
  8. The KP-9 has an American-designed crisp, two-stage trigger allowing for more precise shot placement.
  9. The KP-9’s hinged dust cover has a picatinny rail allowing easy mounting of optics and holds zero after opening the cover.
  10. The KP-9 faithfully replicates (in semi-auto form) the proven Vityaz submachine used by Russia’s special forces and federal police. However, the Kalashnikov USA KP-9 is manufactured on a modern assembly line in the United States by US workers using US-sourced parts and raw materials.

What are you waiting for? Buy it today here or get your hands on one via a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer.