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KR-104 SBR – 7.62x39mm Short Barrel Rifle



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Based on the Russian AK-104, the KR-104 is a semi-automatic short-barreled rifle 100% made in the US with the reliability and authenticity of Kalashnikov USA™. It comes with a 12.25 inch cold-hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel. This gas-operated AK is chambered in 7.62X39MM and feeds with any standard AKM style magazine. It also comes with a forged trunnion, a forged carrier, and side optic rails. 

Highly dependable, the KR-104 is made for American AK lovers. It makes for a rugged and durable addition to your firearms collection and is easy to operate and carry with its compact and lightweight design.

  • A semi-automatic version of the Russian AK 104 but is completely made in the US. It merges the reliability of the classic AK with the latest innovative technology of Kalashnikov USA™. 
  • It comes with a classic AK-style side-folding buttstock. 
  • The chrome-lined, hammer-forged barrel makes the firearm more accurate and durable. It also protects the barrel from wear and tear. 
  • The short barrel along with the folding stock makes the rifle compact and lightweight.


  • Short Barrel
  • Ergonomic & Compact Design
  • Durable Finish
  • Lightweight
  • Side Folding Stock
  • Historical Lineage