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KR-9 is a civilian legal semi-automatic rifle based on the Russian Vityaz submachine gun. It works on a closed bolt blowback operation with a 16.25” barrel. Chambered in 9X19MM, it feeds on 30-round and 10-round Kalashnikov USA™ magazines. The KR-9 comes with a skeletonized vityaz style triangle folding stock. It is an easy-to-use rifle that extends to a length of 34.5” with the buttstock extended and 25.25″ when collapsed. 

The KR-9 is the closest semi-automatic rifle to a vityaz submachine gun made possible in the USA by Kalashnikov USA™. Its lightweight, highly reliable, and a robust rifle with a durable polymer finish to help you operate it with zero failures.

  • It gives you the best hands-on experience of a semi-automatic version of the Russian vityaz submachine gun.
  • The skeletonized vityaz style triangle folding stock provides ease of usage even when folded and is easy to concealed carry. It locks with a latch on the left. 
  • It comes with steel-lined polymer magazines that feature a double-column, double-feed design originally used in the PPS-43 submachine gun.
  • The specially designed feed ramps allow to easily chamber jacketed hollow point bullets.

It is compatible with standard AK parts and accessories and does not require special tools for field stripping.


  • Polymer Finish
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Reliable
  • Easy to Carry and Transport
  • Triangle Side Folding Stock
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