• KP-9 SLATE 9X19MM PISTOL - bolt close up
  • KP-9 SLATE 9X19MM PISTOL - muzzle close up
  • KP-9 SLATE 9X19MM PISTOL - receiver close up

KP-9 Slate 9x19mm Pistol


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The KP 9 Pistol from Kalashnikov USA satisfies all your urges at the shooting range or any other setting. This Special Edition features our NEW Slate Camo.  Those who prefer the pistol style can use the JMac RSA 5.5 stock adapter along with the 1913 pistol brace by SB Tactical or our plug and play triangle brace.  The KP-9 accepts Kalashnikov USA 30 round magazines, has a hinged top cover and Picatinny rail along with ½”-28 threaded flash suppressor. This Special Edition features our NEW Slate Camo. Kalashnikov USA Triangle folding brace sold separately.

This semi-automatic pistol is built on the AK platform and made in the USA with accurate precision and expert innovation. It has a 9mm caliber, 9.25″ barrel, and weighs around 5.62 lbs.

The Kalashnikov KP 9 Pistol is based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun, a powerful and robust firearm used by the Russian army and police force’s knights. It comes with an OAL of 18.25″ and accepts the 30 round magazine (detachable) from Kalashnikov USA. Use it with full confidence to give you a 100% chance of winning a shooting battle in the range with its precise target acquisition. This is not a pistol; it’s a monster in hunting mode.

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