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  • Kalashnikov USA KALI 9 9x19mm California Compliant Rifle

KALI 9 – 9x19mm California Compliant Rifle



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Made in compliance with California gun laws, the Kali-9 is a 9MM rifle for AK lovers in the golden state. It is a semi-automatic version of the Russian Vityaz submachine gun. 100% made in the US, it works with a closed bolt blowback operation and comes with a 16.33 inches barrel. It is chambered in 9X19MM and feeds on a 10 round Kalashnikov USA™ magazine. 

Kali-9 is made for the AK enthusiasts in California and is completely in compliance with the gun laws in the state. Because of low recoil, it is a perfect rifle for new shooters too, and comes in handy as a self-defense firearm. 

  • California complaint AK-style rifle with a fin grip and a simulated/faux suppressor to give the Californians a fair chance to buy and own a firearm. The fin grip offers increased thumb support with a thumb rest. 
  • A semi-automatic version of the Russian vityaz submachine gun with the reliability and authenticity of Kalashnikov USA™. 
  • It comes with a vityaz style triangle buttstock that stays fixed per the gun laws in the state.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of AK furniture and accessories. However, we advise you to not customize the gun without a thorough understanding of the latest federal, state, and local gun laws in your jurisdiction.   

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