KR-9 Short Barreled Rifle (SBR)


The KR-9 SBR is a 9mm civilian semi-auto rifle. It is ideal for pistol caliber carbine (PCC) competitions but also makes an excellent personal defense firearm. The KR- 9 is derived from the PP-19-01 Vityaz sub-machinegun used by Russia’s Federal Police and Special Forces. Like the Vityaz, the KR-9 SBR combines accuracy and ruggedness in a very compact design. With its metal triangle-style stock folded, the six pound gun measures just 18.25” overall. That is shorter than a standard MP5A3 submachine gun which measures 21.7” with its retractable stock collapsed. The KR-9 SBR has a 9.25” barrel compared to the MP5’s 9” barrel.

The KR-9 SBR features a closed bolt blowback design that incorporates an out-of-battery safety mechanism so the gun cannot fire unless the bolt is fully closed. The KR-9 also features feed ramps that are specially designed to reliably chamber jacketed hollow point bullets.

This semi-auto rifle accepts 30-round and 10-round Kalashnikov USA™ magazines. The steel lined polymer magazines feature a double-column, double-feed design inspired by the battle proven magazines used in the PPS-43 submachine gun.

The KR-9 SBR’s hinged top cover has an attached Picatinny rail. The muzzle features 1/2 inch x 28 suppressor-ready muzzle threads (and a shoulder) making it compatible with most US muzzle devices and suppressors. It comes from the factory with a flash suppressor installed.

The KR-9 SBR is regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 and requires registration with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).


illustrated icon of an ak magazine
30 Round Magazine
illustrated icon of a ruler for length
OAL Extended 27.5″
illustrated icon of a ruler for length
OAL Folded 18.25”
illustrated icon of a ruler for length
Barrel Length 9.25″
icon of a weight pounds lbs
Weight 6.24 lb
icon of ak triangle brace
Side Folding Stock


The KR-9 SBR mimics the appearance of a gas operated AK-47, AKM or AK-74 but internally it is actually a closed bolt blowback operating system. The gas components of the AK were removed and replaced with a bolt carrier that features extra weight in place of the AK’s normal gas piston. The added mass forward of the bolt is reminiscent of the telescoping design used in the Uzi and helps keep the rifle compact.

Many AK parts are interchangeable with the KR-9 SBR. Reliability remains excellent and the low recoiling and widely available 9mm pistol cartridge makes for a fun (and inexpensive) rifle to shoot.

Customer Reviews

This product is amazing

The product is amazing as expected. The purchase process was easy and fast. This won’t be my last Kalashnikov. Thanks K USA!

Tyson A. - Verified Buyer
KR-9S – 9x19mm Rifle

Great customer service, for me, 5 star is not enough, 100 stars, love the company, love the product.

Kevin P. - Verified Buyer
KR-9 – 9x19mm Rifle
Great rifle. Clean action.

Great rifle. Clean action so far with a couple hundred rounds thru.

Mark O. - Verified Buyer
KR-9 – 9x19mm Rifle