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Precision Screwdriver


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The Magna-Matic, Precision Steel Screwdriver is an extremely high quality USA machined screwdriver handle able to hold any standard hex bit for the most positive grip of any screwdriver.

The PSSD features a deeply knurled handle to provide an unmatched grip so you can apply the most torque possible. The tip where hex bits are inserted is hardened for durability. Inside the end of the screwdriver we have used a super strong 4.15 lb pull magnet to ensure a hex bit will never fall out of the PSSD ever. Inside the handle of the PSSD is room for additional hex bits, and a solid Delrin (engineered plastic) end cap that has the strength to endure striking force to use the end cap as a light duty hammer.

The PSSD includes four hex bits, #2 Phillips, Slotted 1/8″, Slotted 7/32″, and Slotted 5/16″.

Weight: 1 LB

Length: 9″