• Butt Pad 1
  • KR-9 SBR (right) Buttpad
  • KR-103 SBR (right) Buttpad

Kalashnikov USA AK Rubber Butt Pad


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The Combat-style butt pad that will make your firearm much more comfortable to shoot, especially when you’re using high-caliber ammunition.  The AK Rubber Butt Pads are designed to reduce recoil from your firearm. The smart slip-on sleeve design is easy to install, and its lip reinforcement improves the Rubber Combat Butt Pad‘s hold on the buttstock of your rifle.

Made from durable black rubber, this has been designed to maintain the rifle’s position while you fire. Reduce the recoil from your AK  firearm with  rubber butt pad with Ergonomic Design.


  • 1″ Extension
  • 1-year warranty