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Precision Steel Hammer


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The Magna-Matic, Precision Steel Dead-Blow Hammer is an extremely high quality USA machined hammer able to take on majority of serious hitting jobs.

Unlike all other hammers out there, the PSDB1 is all-steel precision CNC machined hammer. No cheap wood handles or over-molded screws for tips. This is a serious hammer for serious gunsmithing – hitting pins, punches, whatever. The PSDB1 can have 3 different hammer tip materials “on-board” – one can be screwed into each side of the hammer head, and the third screws into the bottom of the handle. So no matter what type of pin, or against what finish you might have to hit you can pick a hard or soft non-marring hammer tip for the job.

PSDB1 Hammer Includes: Hammer body/handle One brass tip One hardened steel tip One delrin (plastic) tip One steel dead-blow slug.

Weight: 1 lb 9 oz

Length: 9″