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Kalashnikov USA is proud to introduce the “OMEGA SERIES” of KR-103 side folding 7.62x39mm rifles. We did not hold back when building this rifle. We partnered with Sureshot USA and are proud to offer the very first “6” slot free float MK3 Chassis to come out of Sureshot USA. We then added the Sureshot M4 folding skeleton tube adapter (matching Cerakote) along with the battle proven B5 systems Bravo stock.  We then added the custom KUSA/CMC 3.5 lb. AK Elite trigger for that crisp trigger pull. 

     A Kalashnikov USA/Blue Force Gear AK sling has been added along with a Bravo Company M-LOK QD adapter and a Krebs Customs enhanced safety lever for easier manipulation. A Barwarus Cayman muzzle brake has been added for overall recoil management and reduction. We rounded out this package by including our Extended charging lever, a Bravo Company vertical M-LOK grip and 5 Kalashnikov USA 30 round Magazines. These OMEGA SERIES of guns are hand built and custom fitted by our gunsmith. The Omega Series are some of the finest kitted rifles available.

****Receiver is marked – Restricted-Military/Law Enforcement Only*****

Based on the Russian AK-103, the KR-103 is our semi-automatic rifle 100% made in the US. This gas-operated rifle comes with a 16.33 inch, chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged barrel. It is chambered in 7.62x39mm and feeds with a 30 round magazine. It has a forged trunnion, a forged carrier, side optic rails, and an improved muzzle brake. 

KR-103 SFS is a dependable, robust, and high-performing rifle made to give you the best experience of an AK. It is a built to last rifle with the reliability of Kalashnikov USA™. 

  • KR-103 SFS is from Kalashnikov’s AK-100 series and exhibits the same reliability that made the original AK-47 one of the most prolific firearms in history.
  • The chrome-lined cold hammer forging makes the barrel withstand excessive heat and wear and tear, giving the barrel a longer life.
  • It comes with a side-folding buttstock that folds to the left of the rifle with a latch. The side-folding makes it easy to carry the rifle.
  • The 7.62x39mm chambering gives you the chance to shoot with the traditional round chosen by the Russian Army.
  • The KR-103 SFS is compatible with a wide range of furniture and accessories of the AKM and AK-74. 



Sureshot USA MK3 Free float Rail only available at KUSA: “NEW 6 SLOT VERSION”

  • Optics and Laser/IR Devices are mounted in-line on a monolithic upper rail
  • Optics and Laser/IR Devices DO NOT need to be removed to service/clean the weapon system
  • Railed Upper Rear Section allows for mounting of Magnifiers
  • Great Heat Dissipation allowing safe use of Laser/IR Devices, White Lights, and Tape Switches, as well as gloveless operation (even through 120 rounds of full auto fire).
  • Freefloating Barrel eliminates POI shifts from handling/resting on barricade or cover/bipod use
  • Total weight of 1lbs, 12oz (only 12oz added to the firearm as replacing the factory handguard, gastube, and dust cover removes roughly 13oz)
  • Made in the USA

The MK3 Chassis allows the use of factory Iron Sights when installed and allows for maintenance of the firearm without disturbing your optic set up (Rear section of the railed upper is removable). Fits all standard stamped AKM with standard length gas system. Precision Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, the kit includes the following:

Main Mount

Gas Tube

M-Lok Lower Handguard

913 Picatinny Rail Upper – Main Section

1913 Picatinny Rail Upper – Rear Section



Minimal Lock Time & Glass-Smooth Break

6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Made from 8620 Alloy Steel

Positive Trigger Reset

Ultra Crisp Trigger

• Available Pull Weight 2.5lb & 3.5lb
• Flat Trigger Bow
• Ultra-crisp trigger
• Glass-smooth break
• Minimal lock time
• Positive trigger reset
• Made from 8620 Alloy Steel and 6061-T6 aircraft grade Aluminum


  • Reduced recoil kick;
  • Faster shooting;
  • Reduced stirring up and laterally;
  • Increased accuracy at fire in ripples and series


The Sureshot USA M4 Buttstock Adapter (matching color)  allows the attachment of your favorite M4 type stock or brace to your side-folding AKM (stamped)!

  • 1 piece lightweight skeletonized design
  • 7 Position adjustment
  • Built in QD (both sides)
  • 7MM rise
  • Folds flat
  • 6.2oz
  • Precision machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Requires minor fitting

This is the ultimate rifle build…..