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Kalashnikov USA 7.62×39 Ammunition


SKU: 85000429W-0

Kalashnikov USA is proud to introduce the new 7.62x39mm round for your KUSA rifle! The 7.62x39mm ammunition is made to the highest quality standards and uses only the best components available. It’s not our pride. It’s our duty.

So why purchase the KUSA ammo?

The KUSA ammo was developed by a team of engineers and ballisticians who had one goal: to create the ultimate ammunition for these classic rifles. During the manufacturing process, we shot over 50,000 rounds on all of our 7.62x39mm platforms to ensure the highest confidence in consistency, performance, and reliability.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Buy it, try it, and share with us your experience of this ammo with your KUSA rifle.

This 7.62x39mm ammunition is brand-new production, non-corrosive, Berdan-primed steel cases.
This is steel-cased lacquer-coated sealed ammunition with non-corrosive Berdan primers and made to standard CIP, SAAMI, & DoD mil-spec quality specifications as requested by our government customers.  This ammunition is a 124gr Full metal jacket (FMJ) 7.62×39 is a .30 caliber cartridge that provides good range performance and solid terminal ballistics.  Our loyal and new customers will now have a consistent supply of ammo quality ammunition for years to come.


  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Weight: 124 Grain
  • Core: Lead
  • Bimetal (Magnetic): Yes
  • Type: Steel Cased
  • Primer: Berdan
  • Speed of bullet: 2329.40 FPS – 2378.61 FPS
  • Operating Temperatures: -58 degrees to 122 degrees


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