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Kalashnikov USA KS-12T Pro Kit



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The KS-12 Tactical Shotgun Pro Kit is the perfect shotgun  package. Kalashnikov USA presents one of its finest and robust shotguns, the KS-12 Tactical shotgun. It is a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun based on the Russian Saiga series. The package includes  our Kalashnikov USA designed tactical muzzle brake with recoil reduction along with our 800 Lumen Inforce mounted light.

The KS-12 Tactical shotgun meets all the requirements of being an ideal shotgun for the armed forces and police alike. It is one of the best shotguns to be used  on the range, or for self-protection. Made in the US with the most groundbreaking innovation, it includes a 10 round magazine (detachable) and accepts larger magazines and drums as well. It comes equipped with a 6-position collapsible buttstock and weighs around 8.86 lbs. Pertaining to our innovative adjustable gas system, the KS-12T accepts 2.75” and 3” shells of low brass to slugs. This firearm is NOT California compliant.

The KS-12T Pro Kit includes:


  • 10 Round Magazine
  • OAL Extended 42.25″
  • OAL Collapsed 38.5″
  • Barrel Length 18.25″
  • Weight 8.86 lb
  • Collapsible Stock