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KR-103 MLOK Rail (Black)


SKU: 85000112W

Available for purchase

The KUSA MLOK rail is a perfect fit for our KR-103 7.62×39 rifle. The KUSA GKR-10MS is a 10″ drop-in fit MLOK rail for most AKM style Kalashnikov rifles with short-style sling loops (not full length or tall loops like East German or Yugo). This lightweight rail is the industry standard for AK’s.

  • It mounts similarly to the factory handguards, you will need a factory style front handguard retainer
  • You can add your KVAR style stainless heat shields for added protection, and you can use your factory cleaning rod
  • Weighs 5.9 ounces with all hardware included
  • Minor fitting may be required
  • Kalashnikov logo engraved on rail

Does not fit SAM or Milled Rifles without milled end cap sold separately.

Compatible with: Kalashnikov USA KR103, SLR 104/105/107, Russian 7.62x39mm AKM, Saiga