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Kalashnikov USA is proud to bring our customers another great offering from Barwarus USA.

The tactical afterburner BW Flash Hider for M24x1.5RH thread is intended to eliminate the flash of discharge and to redirect sound and recoil.


The BW Flash Hider suppresses flashes, reduces the intensity of the flash visible to an adversary or while conducting nighttime operations where a reduced signature is is imperative. This also reduces the chances that the shooter will be blinded in low-light shooting conditions. The flash hider has an inner afterburner chamber in which gunpowder particles burn out before the bullet leaves the barrel and the flash hider chamber. Thus, the flame is dissected and extinguished, and the sound level of the gunshot is also redirected forward away from the shooter’s ear. The flash hider is very effective when using a night vision scope in low-light shooting conditions since it protects its sensitive matrix from a bright flash. The flash hider is made of durable lightweight D-16T aluminum alloy with threaded steel connections to prevent its possible unscrewing due to heat or vibration.

The device is easy to mount without special tools or weapons workshop services. Just screw the flash hider onto the threaded barrel and lock it with a standard pin.  The BW Flash Hider has an aluminum base.



  • Thread M24x1.5RH
  • 5.45, 5.56, 7.62 cal.

DIMENSIONS: 123х36х36 mm

WEIGHT: 0.240 kg