• Cerakoted KR-103 SFS – 7.62X39MM Side Folding Rifle
  • Kalash-103-Frogskin-W-Mag-1
  • Kalash 103 Frogskin 4

Cerakoted KR-103FT – 7.62X39MM Rifle – Frog Skin


Available Now

In collaboration with Pixels and Bullets & Modern Pistoleros, we proudly present the exclusive Cerakoted KR-103FT – 7.62X39MM Rifle – Frog Skin in the Urban Frogskin design with custom stippled grip. This semi-auto civilian incarnation of the AK-103 combines Russian reliability with modern innovation, showcasing an exclusive frog skin camo Cerakote that offers both protection and style.

Whether you’re a collector or a shooter, the KR-103 delivers the closest experience to the Russian AK-103 available in the US market, without the prohibitive costs and legal constraints, promising a fusion of historical excellence with today’s technology. Experience the merger of tradition and contemporary craftsmanship with this unique, limited-edition firearm.


  • Exclusive Urban Frogskin Design
  • Russian Reliability
  • Fixed Stock
  • Cerakote Coating
  • Historical Lineage