Kalashinkov USA Shooter Alaina Hicks Takes the KR-103 Out to 600 Yards at Kalashni-Con VI Held May 20-22, 2022

Alaina Hicks at Kalashni-Con 2022 holding a Kalashnikov USA KR-103.

Kalashnikov USA’s sponsored shooter Alaina Hicks competed at Kalashni-Con VI, held May 20-22, 2022 at the Big Piney Sportsmen Club in Houston, Missouri. Hicks placed 13th overall and 9th in her division (non-magnified). She also won High Lady, securing the top ranking among female competitors.

“I really enjoyed the variety of separate matches held during Kalashni-Con VI”, said Hicks. “It was a tough, practical competition that required keen concentration while under intense time pressure. Rainy weather added to the challenge. One rifle match included targets at 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards that I fired with a non-magnified red dot sight. I hit all five targets in 16 seconds. I was impressed that my Kalashnikov USA 7.62x39mm KR-103 rifle was able to reach all the way out to 600 yards — albeit with a car-length holdover! No doubt the rifle helped me be as competitive as I was.”

An intense three-day event, Kalashni-Con consists of different, challenging matches held every day. The competition is designed for AK enthusiasts shooting rifles based on Mikhail Kalashnikov’s original design.

Handguns are also used each day, requiring shooters to show proficiency with a modern pistol as well.  18 Stages (6 different stages per day) are fired during the weekend contest.  Some stages incur time penalties for engaging targets out of order or not following procedures (e.g., stowing an expended magazine in your dump pouch).

Alaina Hicks can be followed on KUSA’s Facebook page as well as on Facebook @THEOFFICIALBONNIEROTTEN or Instagram @officialbonnierotten. She will be attending the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas from May 27-29, 2022.