Kalashnikov USA Kit Badger: Kalashnikov USA KR-9 / Liberty Mystic X / A-DAP Target: 1st Look

Kit Badger got his hands on our KR-9 SBR and this is what he had to say about it:

Time for a 1st Look at the Kalashnikov USA KR-9Liberty Mystic X Suppressor and the A-DAP Target System by Tactical AR500 Targets Inc. All these together combine to make for a pretty awesome trip to the range…

If you are unfamiliar with Kalashnikov USA’s KR-9, it is basically a 9mm version of the AK-47. Or more correctly, the Russian Vityaz. Fortunately it is threaded 1/2×28, so I can use my 3 Lug Adapter on the Mystic X by Liberty Suppressors.

After assembling my A-DAP Target, I jam some mags with 147gr 9mm from Minuteman Munitions and go to town. Good times…

I’ll be revisiting all of these as I get more trips to the range with them.



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