Variety is the spice of life. Flat Dark Earth was never on Mikhail Kalashnikov’s color palette when he designed the AK-47 and AKM…..but it is on ours!

The Kalashnikov USA™ KS-12T Flat Dark Earth (FDE) shotgun is our 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun based on the popular Russian Saiga shotguns. However, our version is built in the United States by American workers using US made parts and materials. In addition to the different furniture color, the KS-12T FDE model differs from our standard KS-12 by incorporating the popular M4-style adjustable buttstock (and six-position receiver extension) in place of the KS-12’s fixed buttstock. This allows users to adjust the length of pull to better fit their body type or install aftermarket stocks with different cheek welds or features. This is particularly useful for shooters wishing to install optical sights. The KS-12T FDE shotgun also incorporates an adjustable pistol grip, a threaded barrel with detachable flash suppressor, a tri-rail forend to fit illumination or laser aiming devices, and an AK style side-mounted optics rail.

The KS-12T FDE accepts both standard 2 ¾” and 3” magnum 12 gauge cartridges. The gun’s innovative and adjustable gas system allows the use of everything from low recoil target loads, to birdshot, buckshot or slugs.

The total length of the KS-12T FDE is 42.5” with the buttstock fully extended and 38.5” when collapsed. It ships with one 10 round magazine but alternative capacity box and drum magazines are available. Most currently available Saiga accessories will also work on the KS-12T FDE including magazines, drums, muzzle devices and chokes.

This firearm is not California compliant.


illustrated icon of an ak magazine
10 Round Magazine
illustrated icon of a ruler for length
OAL Extended 42.25″
illustrated icon of a ruler for length
OAL Collapsed 38.5″
illustrated icon of a ruler for length
Barrel Length 18.25″
icon of a weight pounds lbs
Weight 8.86 lb
icon of ak triangle brace
Collapsible Stock


Our KS-12T FDE is built on the proven long stroke gas system of the legendary AK-47 designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Over 100 million AKs continue to serve around the world and its iconic design has been incorporated into other modern firearms. With its “ready for anything” design, the KS-12T FDE is well suited for defensive use but can also be used for hunting or a fun day at the range. Using light 12 gauge loads, the stock and gas system can be adjusted to fit smaller or recoil sensitive shooters.

Customer Reviews

Well made, great value!

Well made, great value!

Peter G. - Verified Buyer
KS-12T Tactical FDE Shotgun
Boy, boy, boy.

I am not only satisfied with this weapon but the customer service and the desire they have to make their customers happy. The gun itself is so nice my FFL (also my friend) didn't call me to tell me it came in, instead his first message to and I quote " how much you want for this gun" Reese and Evelyn were both great in response times, genuine care and if they said they were going to do something.... well, they did it.

I definitely will be continuing to shop with this company. Overall great experience in which I'm 110% satisfied and would recommend them to everyone. God Bless.

Kyle C. - Verified Buyer
KS-12T Tactical FDE Shotgun
Great Shotgun

I absolutely love the gun, it was a great move by me. Also the company's customer service is top notch.

Adolph V. - Verified Buyer
KS-12T Tactical FDE Shotgun