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12 Gauge Tactical Muzzle Brake


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The Kalashnikov USA 12 Gauge Tactical Muzzle Brake for the 12GA KS-12 series shotguns, 12GA Komrad firearm, and 12GA Russian Saiga shotguns is our own proprietary design. It is very effective with felt recoil reduction and can be used with all shotgun loads. Using the latest in flow analysis we have designed and improved our original tactical muzzle brake for greater recoil reduction. Branded with the Kalashnikov USA logo. Thread is M22 x .75

• 6-point spiked breacher tip for DNA sampling and secure door placement

• 5 ports including vertical port to assist with muzzle rise

• Branded with the Kalashnikov USA® logo

• A major reduction in felt recoil

• Redesigned Gas Ports to direct gases away from shooters face

• Thread is M22 x .75

• Only 5.3 oz.

• Length: 3 inches / Width 1 1/8

• 4130 Steel Construction

• Includes a Muzzle nut