Kalashnikov USA KP-9 / KR-9 Dust Cover Issue

We at Kalashnikov USA would like to address this and every issue the right way every time and take care of our customers the same way we would want to be treated. That is the founding principle of our customer service department now and in the future.
The right way to address an issue is with respect, facts and honesty….
We have all been made aware that a very limited number of our KP-9 and KR-9 dust covers have cracked and are 100% covered by the warranty including all shipping costs and a promised 48hr turnaround. In this post we will explain the issue and remedy that has caused some of our customers an inconvenience with their newly purchased KUSA 9mm. An unacceptable inconvenience mind you!
First, know that there is NO safety hazard of any kind with this issue. Furthermore, please note there is not a single post anywhere on the web that we can find of any of our 9mm line that does not run flawlessly thousands of rounds in.
As to the highly limited dust cover cracking issue, it is essentially an issue of what’s called “tolerance stacking”. Tolerance stacking can occur when parts are made at a maximum dimension in one part and a maximum in another, as well as, a minimum and a minimum or combination thereof. In this case it is the placement of the rivet holes in the dust cover where the top rail attaches. The placement of the top rail determines the position of the dust cover front hinge hole. In this case the rivet holes in some dust covers caused the covers to sit forward by <1mm. That forward position caused the guide holder to rest on the dust cover rather than the rear trunnion, allowing for that <1mm of motion during firing. That repeated initial impact eventually causes a crack to form. The reason for the issue is so rare is we have several fixtures that hold the position of the two parts while they are being riveted and only one of those fixtures was slightly off. Thus, only 9mm dust covers that came off the one fixture has a problem with cracking. That has now been removed from our production line!
Know that Kalashnikov USA stands behind its products and will always support its customers like our own family.

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