You cannot purchase Kalashnikov USA firearms directly from our website. Please see our list of dealers. You can, however, buy accessories, gear and Kalashnikov USA apparel directly from us.

The Kalashnikov KS-12, KS-12T and Komrad are all gas piston operated. The Kalashnikov KR-9 and KP-9 are both gas blowback operated.

Most of the currently available Saiga accessories will work with the KS-12, KS-12T, and Komrad including magazines, drums, muzzle devices and chokes.

Russian factory Vityaz magazines will work with the KR-9 and KP-9, as well as our proprietary Kalashnikov USA magazines.

Contact customer service at 754-222-1407 ext. 8125 or [email protected] in order to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA) and shipping instructions before filling out the Warranty Evaluation Form. To fill out the Warranty Evaluation Form, click here.

The Kalashnikov USA K103 is in the final stages of development. We’ll be announcing more details soon. One of the best ways to stay up to date is to sign up for our newsletter.

RAll parts of our firearms are proudly made in America. We’ve followed the original Russian designs while applying American ingenuity to improve the final product.

The Kalashnikov USA KS-12, KS-12T and Komrad all cycle low brass shells. For more details on how users can adjust the Kalashnikov USA gas regulator system please watch this video.

The KOMRAD™ is classified as a firearm. It just so happens to chamber in 12 gauge shells.

You can use most ammo 1350 and over fps. You can shoot slugs as long as the ammo manufacturer says it is safe for smooth bore actions.